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Trailnuggets were created with simple goals in mind. We wanted to create delicious, healthy bars to fuel our adventures. We rejected the idea that smart nutrition has to be complicated, and we sourced our inspiration and ingredients directly from nature. Over the course of a year we worked with athletes, adventurers, and food lovers young and old to develop three unique flavors. When feedback was great, we knew they were ready for the world.

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The factory which manufactures the bars is run on core principals of honest, good, nutrition and only supports sustainable farms when sourcing their ingredients.

  • Just Beet It – more than 99% of the sugars come from the dates. The remaining trace amount of sugar comes from the cranberries and the beet powder.
  • Peanut Coca Apocalypse – 98.5% of the sugars is from dates, and the remaining 1.5% is from coconut palm sugar.
  • Almond Lemon Hot Date – 99.9% of the sugars comes from dates, and the remaining trace amount is from the lemon ingredients.

When you look at the ingredients list of any Trailnugget flavor you will find refreshingly few words, all of which will be easily recognizable. Here are a few of our common ingredients and why we chose them.

Dates : Dates are the superfood base of all of our bars. Nature jam packs them with energy in a form that is easily accessed by athletes on the go. Their taste is mellow, their texture is just right, and they put the “nugget” in Trailnuggets.

Fruits : Each of our three Trailnugget flavors also contain nuts. Almonds lead the charge and bring a triple punch of calories, protein, and texture to the mix. Peanuts make our Coco Apocalypse flavor a familiar favorite.

Nuts : If our bar names have fruit flavors in them, it’s because they have fruit in them. You won’t find a razzleberry in a Trailnugget because razzleberries are fake. Only real fruit is allowed into our kitchen.

Oils : Oils! When you bite into a Trailnugget one of the first sensations you might experience is the pleasant kick of an essential oil. We insist that each of our flavors are punchy, pleasant, and unambiguous, and oils make it possible to do that naturally.








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Cocoa Apocalypse, Hot Lemon Date, Just Beet It


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