I ran naked this Summer.

  Ok, so when I say naked. Its somewhat misleading. Firstly, I would most likely be fined. A night in jail or a psyche ward for evaluation also being a high possibility. With naked, I mean no HR Smartwatch. No GPS, no nothing. In early November my Garmin just decided to give up the ghost. […]

Weekend Warriors Community Development

We have posted about the way we give back to trail running in a previous post https://weekendtrailwarrior.com/2019/04/04/giving-back-with-your-help/ We did some soul searching though. Examining why Weekend Warriors came to be and the passion that led us here. It became clear that we had to make a more solid commitment. From now on we will donate […]

Giving back, with your help.

When Weekend Warriors was founded it was done on the following two principles. 1. Good products at good value. 2. Using profits to support upliftment projects. Initially, it seemed simple. For every 15 packs sold, we would donate one to a runner in need. You might have even seen this on the site´s opening page. […]

A Quick word on bladders and hydration

Ok, ok...stop the snickering. It is about plastic water bladders and hydration. There are many,many things to learn about hydration. Of wich I know (perhaps) 2%. You are going to read A LOT about it and learn from experience. Here are just some things I learnt from making mistakes and watching the hardcore mountain goats. [...]

You “Wish”?

To clear the air and quickly settle some things. No, we are not the only outfit that sells Aonijie products That's cool and quite frankly good for you, the buyer. Yes, you can buy Aonijie products on "Wish"..... That is were I found the product initially. The price was unbelievable! After some research and review [...]
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