I ran naked this Summer.

I ran naked this Summer.


Ok, so when I say naked. Its somewhat misleading. Firstly, I would most likely be fined. A night in jail or a psyche ward for evaluation also being a high possibility.

With naked, I mean no HR Smartwatch. No GPS, no nothing. In early November my Garmin just decided to give up the ghost. At the time I was really disheartened. At the same time, training and running have kind of lost its appeal in general.

In the end it was one of the best things that could have happened to me! When out on a run I had no idea of my pace, my HR or how far exactly I went. Instead of glancing at my watch every 30s , it was necessary to either zone out (or tune in to the surroundings) and just run. Otherwise I really had to try and listen to my body to discern where it was at.

The lack of tech actually got me back to just enjoying the act of running again. It was fun and free. Highly recommended if you are a bit at a loss for inspiration!

One thing I did wear with almost every run was this fantastic piece of kit the elasticated waist belt. Wow, what a winner! There is quite a bit of space in this guy and can be used for a variety of runs. There are even those on longer ultra trail runs that rip this on for the extra space it provides. It can even carry your trekking poles if they fold up small enough like these Aonijie Aluminum Folding trekking poles

I can see this Aonijie Elasticated Waist Belt work well at Park Runs. A hot 5km or 10km run. It worked perfectly for a recent short 12.5km trail race as well. The hardcore camels out there could well push the 250ml soft flask that is included to 21km! The cherry on the cake is the two race number tabs in the front. If fixing your your race number in 5 secs without putting holes in your clothes or your fingers sound appealing, you will love that feature.


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