Weekend Warriors Community Development

Weekend Warriors Community Development

Inanda runners with coaches Mmeli Ndimande and Patrick Canham. The club knows their way around a podium!

We have posted about the way we give back to trail running in a previous post https://weekendtrailwarrior.com/2019/04/04/giving-back-with-your-help/

We did some soul searching though.

Examining why Weekend Warriors came to be and the passion that led us here. It became clear that we had to make a more solid commitment.

From now on we will donate 7% of all sales towards trail running development and other initiatives. This includes the Weekend Warriors supported runners.

Our main focus will still be the Inanda Trail Running Club – https://inandatrailrunningclub.co.za

As always the aim is to grow Weekend Warriors to such a degree that more of these initiatives can be supported.

We are also working to grow the team of supported runners. There are currently two runners in the team: Demetrius van and Kennedy Sekhuthe.

The reality is that we live in world were trust is hard to come by. We would ask you to put your trust in us.

Wishing you miles of smiles

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