Giving back, with your help.

Giving back, with your help.

When Weekend Warriors was founded it was done on the following two principles.

1. Good products at good value.

2. Using profits to support upliftment projects.

Initially, it seemed simple. For every 15 packs sold, we would donate one to a runner in need. You might have even seen this on the site´s opening page.

Mmeli Ndimande and the trails runners from Inanda Trail Club

In practice, it did not quite work. The more I learnt from NGO´s and trusts that work with upliftment programs, the more I realised they need funds to allocate as their needs arise. Plus they need these funds on a regular basis.

So while their are situations where Weekend Warriors donate a pack or some gear. Mostly it supports projects by donations in cash derived from purchases by trailrunners like yourselves. Thank you for that.

At present we are focusing one one club in particular so that the support is sustainable. But the hope is that in time as Weekend Warriors grow, so we can expand the support.

Happy trails and miles of smiles,

Terblanche Fourie

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