You “Wish”?

You “Wish”?

To clear the air and quickly settle some things.

No, we are not the only outfit that sells Aonijie products That’s cool and quite frankly good for you, the buyer.

Yes, you can buy Aonijie products on “Wish”…..

That is were I found the product initially. The price was unbelievable! After some research and review searches, same as you are doing, I pulled the trigger.

Just some things to be aware of when going that route:

  • The product I got, missed some stitching and stuff. So someone bought a whole lot of “test run” products from the factory and sold them.
  • It takes a good long time to get here. Plus the shipping is expensive.
  • You get hit by import duties, which no-one warns you about.
  • You have zero recourse when something is wrong with your order.

So please, be warned gentle warrior, you pay a “bit” more than you thought!

Before I get death threats from “Wishers” – some of this is fact others are my personal experiences.

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