A Quick word on bladders and hydration

A Quick word on bladders and hydration

Ok, ok…stop the snickering. It is about plastic water bladders and hydration.

There are many,many things to learn about hydration. Of wich I know (perhaps) 2%. You are going to read A LOT about it and learn from experience. Here are just some things I learnt from making mistakes and watching the hardcore mountain goats.

  • Beer or G&T’s are for AFTERWARDS. You will not get the smell and taste out of your bladder again. Unless that is the way you roll…
  • You do not have to take the soft flask from the pocket in the front to drink. It is difficult to get it back in. All that twisting and pushing is going to break it at some point. Try pushing it up towards your mouth while still in the pack’s puch and turn you face down towards it. NOT recommended while bombing a downhill please.
  • When you filled your hydration bladder, tip it upside down (close it first…) So that the air pocket is at the top where the tube meets the bladder. Now suck the air out. Until you get only water in your mouth. This will keep it from sloshing about in your pack.
  • And then just this one thing about hydration, try and sip regularly, just like with nutrition while running the trickle effect works well.

Happy Trails,

Weekend Warrior

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